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Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Attorney’s Fees and Costs on Appeal
Chapter 3: Pulling Together the Record on Appeal
Chapter 4: Motion Practice in the Appellate Courts
Chapter 5: Writing an Appellate Brief
Chapter 6: Checklist for Appellate Briefs and Generally Petitions in the District Courts of Appeal
Chapter 7: Timeline for Appeals from Final Orders of Lower Tribunals
Chapter 8: The Appellate Process Concerning Final Appeals
Chapter 9: Appeals From Non-Final Orders: What Can Be Appealed, When and How
Chapter 10: Extraordinary Writs — Civil
Chapter 11: Stays Pending Review
Chapter 12: Pro Se Anders Briefs: What a Criminal Defendant Should Do When His or Her Attorney Files an Anders Brief
Chapter 13: Appeals of Motions for Postconviction Relief
Chapter 14: Appeals of Orders from Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights Cases
Chapter 15: Administrative Appeals
Chapter 16: Unemployment Compensation/Reemployment Assistance Appeals
Chapter 17: Workers’ Compensation Appeals
Chapter 18: Oral Argument in Florida’s Appellate Courts and Florida’s Supreme Court
Chapter 19: Post-Decision Motions — Appellate
Chapter 20: Florida Supreme Court Jurisdiction and Seeking Review
Chapter 21: Derived from Seeking Review in the U.S. Supreme Court
Chapter 22: Appeals-Related Court Contact Information